Port of Cirebon
Port Commerce

Until 1957, the port authority for Semarang administered the Port of Cirebon. In 1957, the Port of Cirebon came under the administration of the Port of Tanjung Priok authority. Today, the Indonesia Port Corporation II is the port authority responsible for facilitating traffic and providing facilities and administrative services to the Port of Cirebon and other ports within its jurisdiction.

The Port of Cirebon occupies 25 hectares for port operations and 26 hectares for warehousing and storage. The port contains five cargo-handling berths with alongside depth of to 7 meters.

The Muarajati I berth is 275 meters long with alongside depth of 7 meters. The Muarajati II berth is 248 meters long with alongside depth of 5.5 meters. The Muarajati III berth is 80 meters long with alongside depth of 7 meters. The Linggarjati I berth is 131 meters long with alongside depth of 4.5 meters, and the Samadikun berth is 67 meters long with alongside depth of 3.5 meters. The Port of Cirebon also contains 12 smaller berths with depths, at low water, of two meters.

In 2006, the Port of Cirebon handled about 3.3 million tons of cargo, including more imports than any other port in Indonesia. The Port of Cirebon was visited by 1957 vessels in 2006, 1600 of them bringing domestic bulk cargoes. The port’s major imported cargoes include coal, vegetable oils, and liquid asphalt. Major exports include tea, sugar, rice, and rattan furniture. The Port of Cirebon has a small container terminal and one passenger berth.

The Port of Cirebon’s bulk coal terminal, with capacity to handle 50 thousand metric tons, supplies cement factories in the region. Although utilization rates are low, the terminal has capacity to unload 20 tons per hour.

The Port of Cirebon has specialized terminals for asphalt and vegetable oils. Six tanks are devoted with capacity for 11.3 metric tons of asphalt. The vegetable oil facility covers 18 square kilometers and has storage capacity for 10.3 thousand metric tons.

The Port of Cirebon’s passenger terminal is located next to the bulk cargo wharves. The passenger terminal covers 1.6 thousand square meters and serves a monthly service between Cirebon and Pontianak, Borneo, in West Kalimantan.

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