Port of Banjarmasin
Port Commerce

The Port of Banjarmasin (Indonesian) manages three terminals: Martapura Baru, Trisakti, and Basirih. The port is constructing a new terminal to accommodate increased traffic in containerized cargo (200 thousand TEUs in 2005).

The Port of Banjarmasin’s Trisakti terminal handles containers, coal, and passengers. The oldest terminal, Martapura Baru, has been closed, and its cargo traffic has been moved to Basirih.

The Port of Banjarmasin is Kalimantan’s most important river port, and it is the gateway to Central and South Kalimantan. The Trisakti terminal is the trade center for the basin, and it handles exports that include diamonds, gold, rubber, timber, coal, and pepper. The Port of Banjarmasin is also supported by the region’s industries, coal mining and timber processing.

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