Port of Vukovar
Port Commerce

Activities in the Port of Vukovar came to a halt during the war. In 1997, the Croatian government invested the first of funds to rebuild the Port of Vukovar. It became clear early on that, to be competitive, the Port of Vukovar would have to be modernized. And although it was for a time Yugoslavia’s busiest river port, that market has disappeared and is not expected to reappear for another decade. Therefore, the Port of Vukovar has developed a master plan with the hope of finding investors and customers for the port facilities.

The Port of Vukovar’s master plan includes specialized terminals for mineral fertilizers; bulk cargoes like iron ore, coal and coke, gravel, and bauxite; and general cargoes like steel products and sugar. The plan also includes a warehouse for general cargo and two heavy-lift cranes. New warehouse space will include three thousand square meters of covered space and 12 thousand square meters of open warehouse area. The Port of Vukovar may also add a terminal for containers and roll-on/roll-off cargoes.

The Port of Vukovar’s master plan includes the construction of the Danube-Sava Channel. To be built over a ten-year period, the 65-kilometer channel will link the Rivers Danube and Sava and shorten travel between the waterways by some 400 kilometers.

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