Port of Split
Port Commerce

In 1997, the Split Port Authority was established to administer, construct, and use the Port of Split. The port authority is a non-profit organization governed by the Maritime Domain and Seaport Act. The Split Port Authority has jurisdiction over the city port basin, Vranjic-Solin basin, the Kastela basin D in Resnik, and the Kastela basins A, B, and C.

The Port of Split is one of Croatia’s most important centers for both local and international ocean-going trade. Half a million vehicles and more than three million passengers move through the Port of Split each year, making it the third busiest port on the Mediterranean.

In 2007, the Port of Split handled over three million tons of cargo, including these major cargo categories:

  • cement (607.8 thousand tons)
  • petroleum (415.8 thousand tons)
  • metals (358 thousand tons)
  • grain (304 thousand tons)and
  • other goods (1.1 million tons)

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