Port of Volos
Port Commerce

The Volos Port Authority SA (VPA) is responsible for managing and operating the Port of Volos. Even though myth has Jason and his Argonauts sailing from the ancient town of Iolkos, the new port was founded as late as 1893 when about 5000 people lived around the city’s ancient castle.

Located on the eastern mainland of Greece at the Gulf of Pagasitikos, the Port of Volos is protected by a breakwater that protects vessels and piers and makes the harbor safe and sheltered. The port contains about three thousand meters of quays that can accommodate vessels to 35 thousand DWT that are 200 meters long with draft of 9.8 meters. Berthing is available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

The Railway Pier at the Port of Volos handles general and bulk cargo at a 995-meter long quay with alongside depth of 9.75 meters. Also handling general and bulk cargoes, the central pier is 240 meters long with alongside depth of 8.23 meters, and the new pier to the west offers 980 meters of berthing space with alongside depth of 9.75 meters. Tanker berths are available at a pier operated jointly by Shell, Mobil, and BP offering 30 meters of berthing space with alongside depth of 8.23 meters. The Port of Volos has roll-on/roll-off facilities available and ample cargo-handling equipment.

Storage areas at the Port of Volos include 11 thousand square meters of covered space and 60 thousand square meters of open space. A grain silo jetty is available, and reefer storage is handled by private interests.

The Port of Volos also has a marina with water and electricity available on the quay and water at the breakwater. The marina is protected by a 960-meter-long windward jetty and a 400-meter-long leeward jetty.

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