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The Thessaloniki Port Authority (TPA) is governed by a board of 11 directors. The company is tasked with improving and maintaining an effective port and port workforce. TPA’s strategic plan calls for the port authority to improve port efficiency, increase profits, enhance the port’s competitiveness, improve services, and provide value-added services for cargoes. The Port of Thessaloniki Free Zone has been operating since 1925.

TPA’s Balkan Strategy focuses on establishing and expanding the Port of Thessaloniki’s transport capacity, supporting economic collaboration with the Balkan and Black Sea regions, increasing tourist traffic from Black Sea and countries. To achieve these goals, the Port of Thessaloniki will introduce new shipping lines for roll-on/roll-off ships, extend Pier 6, and introduce new cost-effective tariffs for goods and containers in transshipment.

The modern Port of Thessaloniki handles more than 16 million tons of cargo per year, including 7 million tons of dry cargo and 9 million tons of liquid fuels). It also handles 370 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo, three thousand ships, and 220 thousand passengers each year. Services offered include the loading and unloading, servicing, and storing cargoes; providing moorings, anchorage, water supply, power, telecommunications, and garbage management for ships; and offering a modern terminal and a complete line of services to passengers and cruise liners. The Port of Thessaloniki contains 26 quays with total length of 5764 meters with alongside depths ranging from 8 to 12 meters.

The Port of Thessaloniki’s Container Terminal, located in the western part of Pier 6, is 550 meters long and 340 meters wide with alongside depth of 12 meters. Part of the Free Zone, the Container Terminal covers about 254 thousand square meters and has capacity for on-site storage of 4.7 thousand TEUs and for 336 plugs for reefer containers. The Port of Thessaloniki’s Container Terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and modern container-handling equipment. Further, the terminal is linked to the nation’s rail networks by a double-track railway. The terminal is also equipped with a high-tech management information system supporting excellent real-time services.

The Port of Thessaloniki’s Conventional Cargo Terminal covers an area of about one million square meters and has a quay of four thousand meters with alongside depths to 12 meters. Quays 10 through 14 are the conventional cargo Free Port, handling cargo to and from European Union member states and domestic cargoes to and from other Greek ports.

Quays 15 through 24 constitute the conventional cargo terminal for the Free Zone. Free Zone general cargoes include metal sheets, timber, steel products, marble, tobacco, fruits, and palletized cargoes. Solid bulk cargoes handled at the Free Zone include minerals, coal, ores, solid fuels, fertilizers, cement, scrap, feed stuffs, and cereals. Liquid bulk conventional cargoes, transferred by pipeline, include wine and spirits, chloroform, chemicals, mineral oils, and asphalt. The Free Zone conventional cargo quays also handle roll-on/roll-off vehicles.

The conventional cargo terminals at the Port of Thessaloniki offer 85 thousand square meters of warehouses (including 21.5 thousand square meters and four thousand square meters of reefer warehouse in the Free Zone). Additional storage at this terminal includes 12 thousand square meters of sheds, 500 thousand square meters of outdoor storage, and silos with capacity for 20 thousand tons.

The Port of Thessaloniki’s Makedonia Passenger Terminal serves ships and cruise liners throughout the year. The passenger terminal is a short 500 meters from the city center, and it contains duty-free shops, an automated information kiosk, and wireless access. Operating since 1987, the terminal offers comfortable waiting rooms, cafeterias, trolleys for luggage, ample parking, access to tourist buses, and telephone services.

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