Port of Patras
Port Commerce

The Patras Port Authority SA manages and operates the modern Port of Patras. The Port of Patras is home to the Greek National Tourist Organization, a marina and sailing club, duty-free shops and customs service, and the port authority. In 2006, the Port of Patras welcomed 1.3 million passengers. It also handled 295.2 thousand trucks and 216.2 cars.

Recognizing the limitations of current port facilities and the port’s important role in the local economy, the Patras Port Authority and the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning, and Public Works have joined in an effort to construct a new port. Work began in 1997 at a location about one kilometer north of the existing port.

The new Port of Patras will include 1000 meters of coastal quay with five docking stations and alongside depth of 11 meters and about 250 thousand square meters of reclaimed land for passenger traffic. In addition, the new port will include a 300-meter long commercial pier with 140 thousand square meters of land area for handling and storage of merchandise and commercial traffic.

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