Port of Batumi
Port Commerce

The Port of Batumi is located on a natural deep-water harbor, well-protected from the open sea. The modern port is largely based on oil, which has also supported the industrial development of the town.

The Port of Batumi is connected by road and rail with Turkey, Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. It handles a variety of cargoes, vessels, and passengers. It contains five specialized terminals for oil, containers, rail ferry, dry cargo, and passengers.

The oil terminal operates four berths, one of which can accept four tankers at one time. Three berths total 505 meters long with alongside depths from 10.2 to 12 meters. The Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) can accommodate vessels from 185 to 250 meters long with alongside depth of 13.6 meters. The terminal specializes in processing crude oil, diesel oil, petrol, and black oil.

The multi-purpose Batumi International Container Terminal has three berths with capacity for handling 300 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo per year. The terminal covers 13.6 hectares and includes the ferry and dry bulk general cargo terminal. The container terminal berth is 284 meters long with alongside depth of 11 meters.

The Port of Batumi’s Ferry Terminal has a berth for a rail ferry moving freight between Batumi, Varna in Bulgaria, Ilichevsk in Ukraine, and Poti in Georgia. The three-decked ferry has capacity for 12.6 thousand DWT and can accept 108 eight-wheel rail cars. The ferry system is completely automated and handles about 700 thousand tons of cargo per year.

The dry cargo terminal offers four berths with total length of 834 meters with alongside depths from 8 to 11 meters. The dry cargo terminal handles grains, ore, bags and pallets, general cargo, and wood.

Located within the city center, the Port of Batumi’s Passenger Terminal has two berths. Berth 10 is 200 meters long with alongside depth of 11.6 meters, and berth 11 is 194 meters long with alongside depth of 8.25 meters.

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