Port of Dundee
Port Commerce

The Port of Dundee is the most northerly port owned and operated by Forth Ports PLC. The port lies on the north shores of the River Tay estuary on a naturally-sheltered harbor. It is an all-weather port operating 24 hours a day. The Port of Dundee supports a wide range of industries. It offers a Forest Product Specialist and an Oil and Gas Offshore Support Facility as well as facilities supporting bulk and general cargoes and cruise liner facilities. It offers berthing space of over 1400 meters and ample warehouse and transit shed space.

In addition to smaller anchorages, the Port of Dundee offers one deep anchorage with alongside depth of 26 meters for use by semi-submersible rigs, three deep-water anchorages that can accommodate vessels to 8.4 meters draft, and two anchorages that can accommodate vessels to 6.7 meters draft. It also provides riverside berths for cruise liners and passenger ships at the King George V Wharf Passenger Terminal. The passenger berths are 260 meters long with alongside depth of 8.5 meters.

The Port of Dundee also offers ship and rig repair and maintenance facilities and services with berths that have heavy-lift capacity. Local firms repair vessel engines and electrical systems, and the port offers well-developed construction, repair, and maintenance services for the offshore oil industry.

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