Port of Barry
Port Commerce

Associated British Ports (ABP) owns and operates the Port of Barry and 20 other ports in the United Kingdom. ABP is responsible for terminal, transport, and haulage operations, dredging, and ship’s agency. It also coordinates and serves private interests operating in the Port of Barry.

The Port of Barry is important to trade in South Wales, and it is the center of the area’s booming chemicals industry. The port also handles steel, timber, containers, scrap metal, coal, aggregates, and dry bulk.

With direct rail connections, the Port of Barry handles containerized cargoes that include imports of minerals for the nearby Dow Corning complex and increasing exports of containers. ABP has modernized a transit shed to import Russian and Latvian timber used to produce pallets.

The Port of Barry offers ample storage facilities with over 12 thousand square meters and a 4.8 hectare site at the No. 3 Dock Basin that includes a roll-on/roll-off ramp to facilitate loading and unloading of general cargo. The Port of Barry also contains both covered and open storage with direct rail connections for steel cargoes.

Supporting the local chemicals industry, liquid bulk makes up much of the cargo moving through the Port of Barry. No. 2 Dock offers capacity to store 45 thousand cubic meters, and facilities are constantly being improved to serve the nearby Dow Corning Genesis plant.

The Port of Barry contains three docks that accommodate vessels to 23 thousand DWT, each of which is 178 meters long with alongside depth of 9 meters. No. 2 Dock has two quayside transit sheds covering 7.5 thousand square meters.

No. 3 Dock contains a fruit and general cargo terminal and quayside transit shed of 4.6 thousand square meters and temperature-controlled storage of 1.9 thousand square meters. The 4.8-hectare site at the No. 3 Dock Basin has open storage with reefer points for trailers, vehicle-loading bays, and large office facilities in a well-secured compound.

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