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As noted, the port authority for the Port of Strasbourg (French) was created by law in 1926 as a public corporation separate and distinct from other French ports. The port authority is responsible for maintaining and developing the port and promoting trade and industry.

The Port of Strasbourg covers a thousand hectares of surface that includes 203 hectares of water surface, 150 kilometers of railway, and 40 kilometers of roads.

A pioneer in the area of containerized cargo, the first container terminal was opened in 1969 in the southern zone of the Port of Strasbourg. A second trimodal container terminal opened in 2004 in the northern zone of the port. The southern container terminal has two gantries for heavy loads, storage area for over a thousand containers, and a container repair shop. The northern container terminal has one heavy-load gantry, storage for more than 900 containers, and a second container repair shop. In 2007, the Port of Strasbourg handled almost 260 thousand containers, including 127 thousand TEU imports and 132 thousand TEU exports.

The Port of Strasbourg has two centers for handling heavy parcels on the Rue de Saint-Nazaire. Covering 10 hectares, the centers are served by a rail service road and a 300-meter long quay. The centers have capacity to handle 650 thousand tons of general goods, 710 thousand tons of cereals, and 420 thousand cubic meters of hydrocarbons.

The port authority of the Port of Strasbourg manages 28 hectares in the northern and central zones with about 100 square meters of offices and 650 square meters of warehouses that are available to industry.

The Port of Strasbourg’s Starlet project covers about nine hectares for the manufacture and storage of coal pellets that opened in 2000. The project offers road and rail connection. Eurofret Strasbourg is an intermodal logistics platform near the southern container terminal with 600 thousand square meters of warehouses. Eurofret covers about 110 hectares and serves about 60 companies with offices of 20 thousand square meters, storage of 300 thousand square meters, and complete support facilities that include a hotel and restaurant, service station, and repair workshop.

The port authority of the Port of Strasbourg operates nine boats that take visitors on river tours, called Batorama, of the city.

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