Port of Guadeloupe
Port Commerce

The Port of Guadeloupe is made up of five ports on the islands. The main port is Pointe-a-Pitre, located on the southeastern juncture of the two major islands in a protected harbor with a 13-meter channel. Pointe-a-Pitre contains nine stations with quays with alongside depth of 8.5 meters at the “old city.” The Port of Guadeloupe’s Pointe-a-Pitre is home to the islands’ Cruise Terminal and the International Harbor Station. The Passenger Terminal serves as many as 800 thousand passengers a year.

The Port of Guadeloupe’s Jarry/Bay-Mahault port, on the northwestern juncture of the two islands about seven kilometers from Pointe-a-Pitre, contains three stations for solid bulk cargoes, three stations for container cargoes, and two stations serving conventional cargoes. With a protected harbor and channel of 13 meters depth, Jarry/Bay-Mahault hosts a 50-hectare commercial and industrial harbor park. This international business zone covers 38 hectares and contains 23.5 thousand square meters of hangars.

The Port of Guadeloupe’s Basse-Terre port is an open harbor on the southwestern shores of the Basse-Terre Island’s West-Indian arc. Port infrastructure includes one quay of 300 meters that can accommodate cargo liners and steam cruisers. It includes one wet dock with two hectares of cargo-handling quay levels and 96 refrigerator stalls. In 2005, a terminal was begun to handle bulk cargoes and vehicles. In 2006, Basse-Terre port expanded facilities for cruise ships.

On the western shores of the Marie Galante island, the Port of Guadeloupe’s Folle-Anse/Marie-Galante contains a quay of 78 meters with alongside depth of 10 meters and two roll-on/roll-off stations. Being the major contributor to the island’s economy, it makes the export of sugar products possible. Studies are underway at both Follie-Anse and Marie-Galante to improve and expand port facilities

The Port of Guadeloupe’s Bas-du-Fort houses the islands’ Marina where water sports and international races entertain travelers from around the world. With a thousand moorings accessible to yachts and charter boats, the Bas-du-Fort facilities include fueling stations, radio operations, and many other services for recreational vessels and voyages.

In 2007, the Port of Guadeloupe welcomed 2.6 thousand commercial vessels and 651 cruise ships carrying over 72 thousand cruise passengers. The port handled a total of 3.4 million tons of cargo, including 2.7 million tons of imports and over 777 thousand tons of exports, and 169 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. The Port of Guadeloupe handled 1.5 million tons of bulk cargoes, including 789 thousand tons of liquid bulk and 701 thousand tons of solid bulk.

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