Port of Caen
Port Commerce

The Port of Caen is France’s 10th busiest port with traffic of about four million tons of cargo and a million passengers passing through the port each year. The Port of Caen-Ouistreham is owned by the Regional Mixed Trade-Union and Cherbourg.

The Port of Caen covers 153 hectares of land and contains 14 hectares of buildings. In order to reach the port, ships must sail for 11 kilometers up the channel in a journey of about two hours.

The Transmanche terminal is located in the western outer harbor. Used for passengers and freight on the Brittany Ferries running between the Port of Caen and Portsmouth, England. The terminal covers an area of 1600 square meters and contains a 300-square meter service building.

The quay at the Ranville Yard (covering 3495 square meters) handles roll-on/roll-off cargoes that include aggregates like sand and gravel, automobiles, and large metallic products.

The Blainville SPRIET quay includes three berths. Post F1 is dedicated to the loading of cereals for the SICA agricultural collective. Post F2 handles bulk products that include fertilizers, magnesia, and scrap metal. Post F3 specializes in handling heavy cargoes like containers and blocks of wood. The station covers 1600 square meters for handling and storage of cargo. In 2007, almost 599 thousand tons of cargo passed through the SPRIET quay.

The President Delaunay Quay has three berths. Post E5 specializes in handling grains, and Posts E6 and E7 are used for Northern woods, heavy parcels, bagged fertilizers, and other goods. Each post has alongside depth of 8.95 meters. Post E5 is 130 meters long, and both Post E6 and E7 are 120 meters long. Post E5 has 28.2 thousand square meters of cargo handling and storage space, and Post E6 has 30 thousand square meters.

The Nouveau Bassin is located in the Caen/Mondeville area. The Hippolyte Lelievre Quay contains a platform and warehouse for Chamber of Commerce and Industry use. The Gaston Lamy Quay, with five berths, serves cruise ships. The Normandie Quay, with four berths, specializes in handling bulk fuels, coal, pitches, and coke. The Nouveau Bassin also contains four warehouses for cargo handling and storage. The Schiaffino warehouse covers 500 square meters. The H. Lefevre warehouse covers 1200 square meters. The Voie 810 warehouse covers 800 square meters, and the Pont de Calix has 552 square meters devoted to warehouse equipment.

The Ouistreham Marina contains 650 mooring points as well as services for recreational vessels. The Marina covers over 133 thousand square meters, including 60 thousand square meters of basin water surface.

In 2007, over 729 thousand tons of cargo passed through the Port of Caen, including 401.6 thousand tons of exports and 327.6 thousand tons of imports. Cargoes included in this total include cereals (270 thousand tons), scrap (125 thousand tons), exotic woods (111 thousand tons), and clinkers (106 thousand tons). In addition, the Port of Caen welcomed 997.8 thousand passengers in 2007. Further, more than 240 thousand automobiles and almost 126 thousand trucks passed through the port in 2007.

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