Port of Brest
Port Commerce

The Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie (CCI) de Brest is the port authority for the Port of Brest. Located at the crossroads of many east-west and north-south sea routes, the Port of Brest is equipped with quality facilities. The Port of Brest is an important gateway to France and continental Europe. The Port of Brest is a founding member of the Association of Ports of the Atlantic Arc.

The inter-modal terminal in the Port of Brest covers ten hectares and has 656 yards of wharf with a roll-on/roll-off linkspan and 200 electric outlets for refrigerated trailers and containers. The terminal is adjacent to a world-class airport that offers 1.2 thousand square meters of cargo space.

The Port of Brest's bulk terminal has eight warehouses, and three of them are linked to the docks by conveyor belts. The bulk terminal also has eight vertical silos linked to the docks by conveyor belt and a loading station for rail and road transfers. Capable of unloading two vessels at the same time, the bulk terminal has a storage capacity for over 150 thousand tons of goods and can move nine thousand tons a day.

The Port of Brest's refrigerated terminal has capacity to store up to 73 thousand cubic meters at temperatures as low as -30 ° C and capacity to store 36 thousand cubic meters at temperatures from 0 to 4 ° C. The terminal can load up to two thousand tons each day.

The oil terminal at the Port of Brest includes has capacity for one thousands per day. A pipeline connects the terminal to three oil storage depot with a capacity for 155 thousand cubic meters. With the gas terminal's ability for 1.6 tons per day, the Port of Brest's can handle millions of tons of hydrocarbon imports, making it Brittany's main entry point for energy products.

The Port of Brest's ship repair facilities include three dry docks. One is 225 meters long and can accommodate vessels to 40 thousand DWT. Accommodating vessels to 280 thousand DWT; the second is 338 meters long. The largest is 420 meters long and can accommodate vessels to 550 thousand DWT. With a total of 1.7 kilometers of quays with alongside depths from 9 to 12 meters, the facilities contain five repair quays. Enjoying a world-class reputation, the Port of Brest repair center services over 100 ships each year.

Operating in the Port of Brest, the Maersk Line operates a weekly container service route through the Port of Rotterdam that handles imports and exports of containers. MSC operates a weekly container import-export service through the Port of Anvers. CMA-CGM operates a weekly container service for imports and exports through the Port of Le Havre. Alliance Shipping operates a service for conventional and refrigerated cargoes that operates every ten days serving countries in the Baltic region and Russia.

The CCI de Brest and the Town of Brest offers cruise services. Cruise liners arriving at the Port of Brest are met by hostesses both onboard and at the quay, and a red carpet lined with shrubs offers passengers a world-class welcome, complete with Celtic music. The Port of Brest passenger terminal offers a creperie, souvenirs, perfumes, toiletries, and free wine-tasting of France's finest. Passengers also enjoy free shuttle services to the town center, the maritime museum, and Oceanopolis.

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