Port of Kokkola
Port Commerce

Over the last decade, the modern Port of Kokkola has benefited from heavy investment in its deep port, which has capacity to handle five million tons of cargo a year. The deep port specializes in dry bulk cargoes.

The General Port handles primarily sawn timber, poles, spars, and pallets. Over 400 thousand cubic meters of timber from both Finland and Russia is shipped through the general port each year. The general port offers 40 thousand square meters of covered storage in the general port.

The Port Authority of Kokkola is a municipal enterprise responsible for maintaining port infrastructure, developing and maintaining port facilities, operating cargo-handling activities, and providing warehouse and terminal space. The Port of Kokkola has 70 thousand square meters of covered warehouse area.

The Port of Kokkola can accommodate Panamax vessels up to 80 thousand DWT. It has road and rail connections to inland Finland and Russia. The Deep Port has a total of one thousand meters of quays with alongside depths from 9.5 to 13 meters. The General Port has 654 meters of quays with alongside depths from 4 to 9.5 meters.

The Port of Kokkola’s All Weather Terminal is equipped to load and unload vessels regardless of the weather. It can accommodate vessels to 9.5 thousand DWT. With a draft of 8.3 meters, the terminal specializes in handling forest products (including sawn timber), metal industry products, project cargoes, big bags, and palletized cargoes.

Dry bulk is the Port of Kokkola’s main cargo, and the port is the largest one in Finland handling dry bulk. The port handles about 3.5 million tons, half of its total cargo volume, of dry bulk per year. General cargoes through the Port of Kokkola include sawn timber, zinc, palletized goods, and containers. Each year, the port handles about 700 thousand tons of general cargo. Liquid bulk is a significant portion of the cargoes handled by the Port of Kokkola. Almost one million tons of petroleum products, industrial chemicals, oil, and acids move through the port each year.

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