Port of Jakobstad
Port Commerce

Ships constructed in Jakobstad led the way in establishing trade routes for Finland’s shipping industry. The first Finnish ships to sail the East Indies, the Baltic Sea, and to circumnavigate the globe were all made in the Port of Jakobstad.

Modern Jakobstad is the economic center of the region of about 50 thousand people. The Port of Jakobstad’s major industries are boat-building, wood products, pulp, metal products, and food products.

In 2000, 450 vessels brought cargo to and from the Port of Jakobstad. During that year, the port handled just over 1.5 million tons of cargo, including over 500 thousand tons of exports and more than a million tons of imports. Cargoes are dominated by paper, timber (including pulpwood and chips), cellulose, oil, and chemicals.

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