Port of Vigo
Port Commerce

The Port of Vigo covers an area of over 549 hectares. In 2006, almost four million tons of general cargo and 2.3 million tons of containerized cargo in 227 thousand TEUs passed through the Port of Vigo on more than 2.4 thousand merchant vessels. Fish catches in 2006 were almost 783 tons, and 35 thousand square meters of the port is dedicated to fish auctions and markets. In 2007, over 150 thousand cruise passengers visited the Port of Vigo on 100 cruise vessels.

In 2007, five million tons of cargo passed through the Port of Vigo, including 82.4 thousand tons of liquid bulk, about 632 thousand tons of dry bulk, and 4.3 million tons of general cargo. Cargoes were dominated by:

  • Gas-oil products - 62.1 thousand tons
  • Iron and steel products - 67.7 thousand tons
  • Mineral products - 434.1 thousand tons
  • Building materials - 728.6 thousand tons
  • Stockbreeding and feeding products - 723.9 thousand tons
  • Automobiles - 265.4 thousand tons
  • Containerized cargo - 282.5 thousand tons

Located on the Comercio Quay, the Port of Vigo's modern fruit terminal contains 250 meters of berthing space with alongside depth of 8.5 meters and can accommodate two vessels simultaneously. It includes cold storage capacity for 3800 pallets and 3600 square meters of handling area.

The Container Terminal covers 130 thousand square meters with a 750-meter long dock with alongside depth of 17 meters and can accommodate Panamax and Post-panamax vessels. The terminal also contains a thousand plugs for reefer containers and direct connections to rail and road at the terminal. The Port of Vigo has five ramps for roll-on/roll-off cargo at the Bouzas' terminal.

The Port of Vigo's Passenger Terminal covers 8.7 thousand square meters and has a 552-meter long dock with alongside depth of up to 12 meters. The terminal has complete services for passengers.

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