Port of Skikda
Port Commerce

Today, the port is an important outlet for oil from the Hassi Messaoud fields. It also is an important export point for agricultural and mineral products from the Safsaf Valley and surrounding region. The Port of Skikda is a major distribution point for imports to east and southeastern Algeria. Many passengers visit the Port of Skikda. It is also important for sardine fishing and canning companies.

In 2007, the Port of Skikda handled over 2.2 million tons of cargo, including 785 thousand tons of equipment, over 686 thousand tons of metallurgical products, almost 620 thousand tons of agricultural produce, and smaller amounts of foodstuffs, construction materials, and chemicals. During that year, it moved more than 633 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo.

The modern Port of Skikda includes two sub-ports: the mixed port and new port. The mixed port contains over 1.6 thousand meters of quay and covers 45 hectares of water surface. With 15 berths, the mixed port quays have alongside depth of from 6.5 to 11 meters. The Port of Skikda’s mixed port offers a total of almost 497 thousand square meters of storage space, including 199 thousand square meters within the port property. The new port contains almost 1.9 thousand meters of quay with alongside depth of from 10 to 16 meters. Covering 56 hectares of water surface, the new port contains seven wharves and 24 thousand square meters of storage space.

The Port of Skikda covers 198 thousand square meters of commercial surface within the port property. Outside the port proper, there are more than 298 square meters of commercial surface.

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