Port of Karlsruhe
Port Commerce

The Karlsruhe Versorgungs-, Verkehrs- und Hafen GmbH (German) operate the Port of Karlsruhe, which is one of the largest ports in Europe, with throughput of about six million tons a year. In 2006, the Port of Karlsruhe handled over seven million tons of cargo, including more than four million tons through the oil terminal and almost three million tons through the Port of Karlsruhe’s facilities.

The Port of Karlsruhe covers about 300 hectares, including 185 hectares of developed land and about 72 hectares of water surface. It contains six docks and about 14 kilometers of railways. The Port of Karlsruhe has ample storage space, including over 600 thousand square meters of open storage and 215 thousand square meters of covered storage. It has a silo with capacity for 6.7 thousand cubic meters of grains, additional grain storage capacity for 14 thousand tons, and tank storage capacity for 335 thousand cubic meters.

The Port of Karlsruhe has protected mooring for 100 ships and loading embankment of 7100 meters. It includes 20 loading bridges with capacity for 4-11 tons of cargo, one roll-on/roll-off ramp, a grain silo that includes corn-drying facilities, a silo for calcinated materials, and seven loading facilities for mineral oils.

Over 68% of the cargo handled at the Port of Karlsruhe is mineral oil products. Other goods include solid fuels (13.6%), general cargo (10.5%), and earth and soil (7.1%).

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