Port of Emden
Port Commerce

The Seaport of Emden Promotion Society manages the Port of Emden. The port contains a container terminal and 9.2 kilometers of quays, each of which have both road and rail connections. The port also contains 12 roll-on/roll-off berths and a floating roll-on/roll-off ramp.

The Port of Emden contains two shipyards that serve trade, defense, tourism, and vessel repair. At 260 meters long with alongside depth of 10.8 meters, the Big Lock accommodates Panamax vessels and offers abundant open yards.

The Port of Emden handles a wide range of cargoes: forest products, pulp and paper, timber, calcium carbonate slurry, grains, bulk goods for construction, granite and gravel, and magnesium chloride. Special cargo includes tanks, reactors, and yachts.

Exports go to North America, primarily Canada. Special exports include fermenters, boilers, helicopters, and the world’s biggest windmill generators shipped to destinations around the world.

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