Puerto de Caldera
Port Commerce

The General Sociedad Portuaria de Caldera SA is responsible for operating and maintaining Puerto Caldera. The terminal at Puerto Caldera opened in 1981, making the port Costa Rica’s main import/export point on the Pacific. In 2001, the government began a modernization effort for the harbor and sought a concession to manage public services at the terminal.

Puerto Caldera covers over 240 thousand square meters. The developed area contains three main docks, warehouses, yards, and administrative buildings. Puerto Caldera serves Puntarenas, Carthage, Heredia, Alejuela, and San Jose. It is linked by rail and road to the interior. Most of its trade is with the United States and Asia, and its major cargoes are containers, solid bulk, iron, fruit, tuna, vehicles, and general merchandise.

With a total 490 meters of berths, its storage yards cover over 70 thousand square meters. Puerto Caldera’s warehouses cover 13.2 thousand square meters for handling general cargoes.

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