Puerto Limon
Port Commerce

JAPDEVA, a state-owned public utility, has authority for Puerto Limon’s operations and responsibility for maintaining efficient, effective port services. JAPDEVA was established in 1966.

The Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery opened a wharf dedicated to the import of crude oil and petroleum products in 1981. Since then, the wharf has been converted to multiple purposes, handling banana trees, fertilizers, orange juice, fuels, and other cargoes.

The container terminal was opened in 1981. With a wharf of 450 meters, the terminal covers 7.5 hectares and includes roll-on/roll-off facilities. The area was enlarged in 2001 by five hectares for the storage of additional containers.

Growth in tourism led to the opening of the cruise terminal in Puerto Limon that offers two cruise berths and a roll-on/roll-off ramp. In 2004, a new multi-purpose wharf of 250 meters was opened. Puerto Limon also offers storage area of 3.2 hectares, capacity to store 2 thousand TEUs, and 120 reefer connections for refrigerated cargoes.

In 2007, Puerto Limon handled almost 20 million tons of cargo. Puerto Limon’s imports of 15.2 million tons were dominated by petroleum and petroleum products (2.2 million tons), general cargoes (1.0 million tons), and paper and cardboard (.6 million tons). Exports of almost 4.7 million tons were dominated by 2.3 million tons of bananas, 1.5 million tons of fresh fruit, and 1.1 million tons of general cargo. This included 5.2 million tons (almost 843 thousand TEUs) of containerized cargo.

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