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In 2000, the Wenzhou Port Group was established, separating government and business activities. The Group is responsible for constructing new docks and managing the port. The Port of Wenzhou Port Group is focusing on developing its container-handling capacity and enhancing computer-supported services.

Near the Port of Ningbo, the Port of Wenzhou is part of the Yangtze River Delta shipping family. With 350 kilometers of coastline and excellent geographical features, it is one of China’s 25 main coastal ports and an important transportation center for Zhejiang Province. Commercial interests in the Port of Wenzhou handle containers, mixed and bulk cargoes, transfer and storage, passenger and car-ferry transit, and a number of port services.

The Port of Wenzhou encompasses four handling districts that do business with over 10 foreign countries including Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Russia. In 2004, the Port of Wenzhou handled over 26 million tons of cargo and over 210 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. Opened in late 2004, the Zhuangyuanao deep-water district covers over 67 hectares and has capacity to handle 700 thousand containers per year.

The Port of Wenzhou’s LongWan Container Co. Ltd. is 15 kilometers from downtown Wenzhou and 9 kilometers from the airport. With direct connections to rail and road, the container terminal covers 167 thousand square meters and has two berths that can accommodate 10-thousand ton vessels and a roll-on/roll-off dock. The terminal has a 120 thousand square meter yard and reefers for chilled cargoes.

The port’s oldest enterprise is the Wenzhou Port First Loading Co. Ltd. It encompasses the Puxi, Suomen, Anlan, and Pudong ports and handles bulk cargoes, transfer and storage of freight, and passenger transport. The main loading area is at the Puxi port, occupying 100 acres of land with a 245-meter dock that can berth two five-thousand ton vessels at a time. Puxi handles bulk cargoes including steel and chemical materials, sugar, bulk salt, and foodstuffs. The passenger transport center is at the downtown Anlan dock and can accommodate two three-thousand ton vessels.

The Wenzhou Yangfushan Port Co. Ltd. at Yangfushan Mountain covers 118 square meters. It has 481 meters of shoreline with a depth of 7.2 meters at its 116-meter dock. The facility offers 20 thousand square meters for storage and 44 thousand square meters for stacks. The facility includes a coal station, bulk cargo station, and container station and handles domestic steels and cements, among other goods.

The Port of Wenzhou’s Xiaomen Island Port contains docks for the transport of oil and gas with seven 50 thousand ton berths and 23 two-thousand ton berths. The Lingkun Port is on the biggest island, Jingxin, in the Ou estuary. The Wenzhou Byland Project at Lingkun port is responsible for serving industrial properties and port maintenance.

The Longwan Logistics Center covers 3 square kilometers. It was formed by the combination of the Port Group, Food Supplies Bureau, and East Sea Oil headquarters office to analyze the international market and determine efficient domestic logistics in handling, storing, processing, and distributing cargo.

The Shuangyu Logistics Center covers 589 acres and is connected by highway to Jinwen and Jinliwen. All west-bound vehicles from downtown Wenzhou travel this highway. Development of the center involved a first phase where 170 thousand square meters of land and a 45 thousand square meter building were developed. The second phase involved the development of 150 thousand square meters of land and 50 thousand square meters of building area. The project was expected to accommodate 10 thousand passengers per year and 2500 tons of freight every day.

Phase II of the Port of Wenzhou’s development of Longwan Port involved a 100-thousand ton capacity multi-use berth and a bulk cargo and grocery berth. Occupying 16.2 hectares, the development was expected to provide for 980 thousand tons of cargo, including 20 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo and 650 thousand tons of coal per year.

The Port of Wenzhou’s Zhuangyuanao Deep-water Port is the ideal location for a future deep-water port, with 4.4 kilometers of shoreline that will accommodate four berths for Panamax container vessels. Construction began in 2004 on this terminal occupying about 2.6 thousand square kilometers with 3 kilometers of deep-water shoreline where several berths will be constructed to handle three million TEUs per year. The project was scheduled for completion in 2007.

Development of the Port of Wenzhou’s Qili Port continued to add new container berths to handle as much as 500 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. Scheduled for completion in 2008, the Qili Port occupies about 16 hectares and has capacity to handle almost 2 million tons of cargo in 240 thousand TEUs.

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