Port of Taizhou
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The Port of Taizhou is one of 25 harbors created on the Yangtze River during the Northern Song Dynasty around 965 AD. In 1902, the modern port opened. The Taizhou Port Authority administers the port.

The Port of Taizhou has several natural characteristics that make it superior for navigation. The waterfront is stable, water depth is ample, winds and waves are low, and tidal differences are small. The port is open to navigation by 50 thousand ton ocean-going vessels. The harbor is connected by rail and road with inland locations and coastal ports.

The Yang Bay port district contains a wharf of 360 meters with alongside depth of 15 meters that can accommodate ships of to 50 thousand DWT. The High Port port district contains a 250-meter wharf with alongside depth of 11 meters that can accommodate 30 thousand ton oil shipping vessels. The container berth is 250 meters long with alongside depth of 9.8 meters, and it can accommodate vessels up to 35 thousand DWT. The container berth includes five thousand square meters of warehouse space and an additional 13 thousand square meters of open storage. Several smaller wharves in High Port district serve vessels of 1,500 to 5,000 DWT and include a wharf for passenger steamers. The multi-purpose wharf is 130 meters long with alongside depth of 10 meters. It can accommodate vessels up to 10 thousand DWT. The first phase of the Yongan Port District contains a 270-meter wharf with alongside depth of 13 meters that can accommodate vessels up to 50 thousand DWT. Major cargoes handled by the Port of Taizhou include containers, petroleum, asphalt, and liquid gas.

In 2006, the Port of Taizhou handled almost 11 million tons of cargo, including 1.8 million tons and 60 thousand TEUs in foreign trade from over 40 countries. Cargoes handled in 2006 included lumber, iron and steel, iron ore, crude oil, sulphur, and asphalt. In 2008, the container berth expects to handle 100 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo, and its goal for 2010 is 150 thousand TEUs.

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