Port of Nantong
Port Commerce

The Nantong Harbor Group, Ltd. was established in 2002 to administer the Port of Nantong’s operations, including over 550 thousand square meters of storage space. Their goal is to achieve annual throughput of 200 million tons by 2010.

Bulk cargoes handled by the Port of Nantong include iron ore, non-metallic ores, sulphur, non-ferrous metal ores, and grains. The port has capacity to handle 45 thousand tons of bulk cargo and 20 10-thousand ton ore vessels per day. Other cargoes include steel products, scrap, chemical fertilizers and industrial chemicals, cement clinker, and asphalt.

The Port of Nantong has specialized facilities for handling coal that supports the generation of electricity for the region. The Port of Nantong handles containerized cargo from around the world.

The Port of Nantong is home to the Cosco shipping corporation that operates a large port and ship repair yard on the Yangtze. With 1120 meters of coastline, the ship yards have a Panamax-class floating dock and can accommodate about 150 vessels a year.

The Port of Nantong is one of 14 port cities in China that are open to foreign investment, and it is an important part of the larger Shanghai Economic Zone. Ten thousand-ton vessels can berth simultaneously at its deep-water harbor.

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