Port of Jinzhou
Port Commerce

The Port of Jinzhou opened to navigation in 1990 as an open commercial harbor. The port has capacity to handle 35 million tons of cargo a year. In 2005, it handled 30 million tons, reaching a new high in volume of cargo handled.

Port of Jinzhou facilities include the berths that specialize in handling cargoes of: oil, chemicals, and breakbulk cargoes. The harbor has capacity to anchor 12 ten-thousand ton oil tankers and seven ten-thousand ton freighters. Annual throughput is greater than 30 million tons.

The Port of Jinzhou’s main channel is 21.5 kilometers long with a depth of 13.5 meters. It contains three anchoring zones with depth of 11 to 15 meters.

Warehouses cover over a million square meters and have capacity to store over two million tons of cargo. Storage tanks have capacity for over a million cubic meters of oil and 58 thousand cubic meters of chemicals. The facility can handle over five million tons of crude oil, 4.7 million tons of refined oil, and 300 thousand chemicals per year. The Port of Jinzhou contains berths dedicated to breakbulk grocery cargoes with capacity to handle a total of 14.1 million tons per year. Railways of 16 kilometers serve the port.

The Port of Jinzhou’s container terminal was opened in 2001 with five ten-thousand tons specialized berths for containers and a capacity to handle 600 thousand containers per year. Storage space at the container terminal covers 300 thousand square meters with three thousand square meters of open space for bulk cargoes.

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