Port of Jiangmen
Port Commerce

The Port of Jiangmen has a long history of trade with foreign nations. It was selected to be an open port in 1902 when China was largely closed to foreign trade. The city’s historic waterfront is a legacy of that time, and the city continues to restore many of the old waterfront buildings.

Hutchison Port Holdings, a worldwide port developer and operator, manages the Jiangmen International Container Terminals have been operating since 1995. The facilities cover a total of 12.4 hectares, and berths are a total of 623 meters long with alongside depth of 4.5 meters. The Container Terminals include ten warehouses covering a total ten thousand square meters. One of the warehouses is approved as a Customs Export Supervised Warehouse. The terminal can handle dangerous cargo and reefer cargo.

The Port of Jiangmen has 14 berths with at least 1000-ton capacity, and the port can handle up to 11.5 million tons of cargo. Total annual transport volume is 22.8 million tons. It contains a class-A cargo port, Xinhui Port, with warehouses of 30 thousand square meters, yards of 800 thousand square meters, and a container yard of 15 thousand square meters. The major cargoes handled at the Xinhui Port include steel scrap, chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt, coal, sand, and clay.

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