Port of Huadu
Port Commerce

The Port of Huadu's waterfront has 546 yards of wharf and two large warehouses with 32 thousand square feet of storage space. Huadu Harbor provides convenient access to marine transportation. It can handle 100 thousand standard containers and 850 thousand tons of bulk cargo a year. The harbor can accommodate eight cargo ships at the same time. Expansion efforts are underway, and throughput capacity will soon reach 300 thousand containers a year.

The Port of Huadu is a rapidly-growing export-oriented port. Major exports include mechanical and electronic products, leather goods, textiles, jewelry, and other commodities. Dominant imports include fruit and grain, auto parts, computer components, and raw and semi-finished materials.

The Chinese government seeks to make the Port of Huadu the largest motor city in South China. The Pearl River Delta region is a leader in the country's economic development, and Nissan Motors is committed to investing in China's motor industry.

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