Puerto San Antonio
Port Commerce

By 1995, Puerto San Antonio was Chile’s busiest port, with increasing traffic in containerized cargo. Inner Puerto San Antonio contains four terminals including the Terminal Multioperado which is operated by several companies and administered by EMPORCHI. Terminal Panul Port specializes in handling imports of solid bulk cargo, and Terminal Vopak specializes in liquid bulk cargoes.

Puerto San Antonio covers 495 hectares, including 353 hectares of water and 142 hectares of land. Maximum depth of its waters is 12 meters. Puerto San Antonio has excellent access to roads and rail to Santiago, southern Chile, and Argentina. It is connected to Santiago by the Freeway of the Sun, a high-speed highway. Chile’s most important port, Puerto San Antonio transferred over 12.6 million tons of cargo in 2007.

San Terminal Antonio International (STI) operates the South Molo Terminal which specializes in handling containerized cargo. The terminal employs 200 technical people. STI has 735 meters of continuous wharf with alongside depth of 11.3 meters. The terminal contains 31 hectares of paved storage for containerized and bulk cargoes and 11 thousand square meters of warehouses with 800 reefer connections. The terminal offers rail and road access and 24-hour security services.

Puerto Panul SA operates the North Terminal dedicated to solid bulk cargoes. In 2006, the terminal handled about 1.8 million tons of cargo, making Puerto San Antonio the leading port in Chile for solid bulks. The terminal has wharf of 230 meters with alongside depth of 11 meters. While the terminal specializes in solid bulk, it is not limited to that cargo type. It can accommodate vessels up to 60 thousand DWT.

The Policarpo Terminal Toro is administered by the Portuaria Compania de San Antonio. It can accommodate vessels up to 190 meters long allowing for 45 thousand tons DWT. It handles bulk cargoes and has transport access to ship, train, and truck.

TEM, Terminal Multioperado, is administered by Portuaria Compania de San Antonio. It contains four wharves for handling solid and liquid bulks, containerized cargo, and loose cargo. Twenty companies and 14 shipping agencies use this terminal. It offers over 200 reefer connections for containerized cargo, direct rail access, and six hectares of storage areas.

In 2007, Puerto San Antonio handled almost 651 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo amounting to more than 6.5 million tons. It also handled one million tons of loose cargo, four million tons of solid bulk, and 897 thousand tons of liquid bulk. Imports arrived primarily from America (78.5%) and Asia (13.8%), and exports went to America (51%), Asia (28.4%), and Europe (19.4%).

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