Port of Talcahuano
Port Commerce

Portuaria Talcahuano San Vicente (Spanish) was created when the Portuari Compania de Chile was dissolved in 1997 to modernize, promote, and develop the ports at Talcahuano and San Vicente. The company also operates the Port of Talcahuano.

The Port of Talcahuano is located on one of the country’s best bays for shipping. The waters are calm, and the harbor is naturally protected. The Port can accommodate ships of 185 meters with draft of 8.3 meters.

The Port of Talcahuano covers almost 111 square meters, including 92.4 thousand square meters for the main port and 18.5 thousand square meters for the White Levee where the Association of Fishing Industrialists have a concession. Port facilities include 17.8 thousand square meters for cargo handling, ten thousand square meters for carriage, two 5.3 thousand square meter warehouses, 33.2 thousand square meters of storage yards, and 500 square meters for parking.

The Port of Talcahuano can accommodate one ship at a time. Multi-purpose site No. 1 is 155 meters long with alongside depth of 8.3 meters. Site No. 2, 208 meters long with alongside depth of 7 meters, serves deep-water fishing boats.

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