Port of Coquimbo
Port Commerce

The Port of Coquimbo is operated by the Coquimbo Portrian Enterprise (COPE). Its protected harbor allows the port to operate 365 days a year. Established in 1998, COPE’s mission is to modernize and market the port area.

The Port of Coquimbo contains two major wharves with a total length of 378 meters with alongside depth of 10 meters, each served by rail and with transit storage. The dominant transfer service is for multi-purpose and containerized cargo.

In 2007, the Port of Coquimbo handled over 200 thousand tons of cargo, down from almost 300 thousand tons in 2006. Of those 200 thousand tons, 161 thousand tons was exports, 17.5 thousand tons was imports, and 21.2 thousand tons was cabotage.

Major cargoes handled included fruit (140 thousand tons), manganese (21 thousand tons), containerized cargoes (14 thousand tons), and wheat (14 thousand tons). Other cargoes included fresh fish, wheat, equipment, and rails. The modern Port of Coquimbo is an important export point for fruit (grapes), copper, fish flour, and canned fish. It imports wheat, sugar, maize, and industrial products.

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