Port of Arica
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The Port of Arica is administered by an independent company of the State of Chile, called Compania Portuaria Arica, that was established by law in 1998. The company replaced the earlier Portuaria Compania de Chile with the mission of decentralizing port management, promoting competition, and opening the port to the private sector. The law calls for private development at the port, and in 2004, the Terminal Puerto Arica SA was formed.

Wharves in the inner areas of the Port of Arica are complemented by over 185 thousand square meters of paved surface and more than 27 thousand square meters of warehouses. The Port of Arica has capacity to transfer over 3.9 million tons of cargo.

The northern sector in the Port of Arica contains the port’s fishing sector and a wharf of 177 meters with alongside depth of 3 meters. The wharf serves feluccas, schooners, and fisheries. The terminal area of the fishing wharf covers almost 14 thousand square meters and includes areas for restaurants and stations for the sale of fish.

The Port of Arica’s north sector also houses a network of rails and space leased to small and medium industries. Covering over 61 thousand square meters, this area is also dedicated to the development of new businesses.

Outside the immediate Port of Arica properties is the Parque Industrial Puerta America, an industrial park covering 214 thousand square meters with electrical, water, and sewer services. The park is connected by rail to La Paz, Bolivia.

The Port of Arica also has an additional two thousand square meter passenger terminal.

In 2007, the Port of Arica handled over one million tons of containerized cargo (in more than 87 thousand TEUs), over 69 thousand tons of loose cargo, and over 431 thousand tons of bulk cargo carried by 257 vessels. Of the total of 1.5 million tons of cargo passing through the Port of Arica, 1.1 million tons was transshipments, 159 thousand tons was exports, and 114 thousand tons was imports.

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