Empresa Portuaria Valparaiso
Port Commerce

Empresa Portuaria Valparaiso (EPV), an independent company owned by Chile, was created in 1997 to administer, operate, develop, and conserve the Port of Valparaiso. EPV owns eight terminals. The marine area covers about 50 hectares.

Terminal Pacifico Sur contains the Almacen 50, a sector for reefer connections, a container yard for exports and one for imports, the Terminal building, heavy-duty cranes, a container terminal, and security facilities. Wharves are a total of 1404 meters long with alongside depths from 6.2 meters to 11.4 meters.

Terminal Valparaiso of Passengers (VTP) manages the facilities for cruise vessels and passengers. Muelle (Wharf) Prat is home to a modern tourist center with a tourist information bureau, restaurants, and shops. It is also a wonderful place to view ships moving through the port and taking easy strolls around the bay.

In 2007, the Port of Valparaiso handled 9.7 million tons of cargo, including 6.3 million tons of containerized cargo (in over 845 thousand TEUs), and 1.2 million tons of loose cargo. Of that total, 5.3 million tons were exports, and 3.7 million tons were imports. In addition, the port welcomed almost 116 thousand passengers of 48 cruise vessels in the 2007-2008 cruise season. Among the popular exports leaving the Port of Valparaiso are wine, copper, and fresh fruit.

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