Port of Basel
Port Commerce

The Swiss Rhine Harbours (SRH) is responsible for operations and maintenance of the Port of Basel. Today, about 3 million tons of petroleum product imports pass through the Port of Basel each year, for which the port has storage capacity for one million cubic meters. In addition to petroleum products, liquid bulk cargos handled through the Port of Basel include liquid fertilizer, bitumen and molasses, chemicals, and food and food oils.

The Port of Basel receives about 1.5 million tons of iron and steel products. Other dry bulk cargoes include agricultural products, powder and granulates, food concentrates, raw and building materials, gravel and sand, machine parts, and oversized goods like ships and vehicles. The Port of Basel offers modern multi-modal facilities and connections to water, rail, and road networks.

he Port of Basel contains silos for storage of 385 thousand cubic meters of grain and sheds for 80 thousand cubic meters of other bulk materials. It includes a fuel depot with capacity for over 1.2 million cubic meters of liquid cargo. It also contains covered storage for 250 thousand cubic meters of general cargo and open storage for 250 thousand cubic meters of containerized cargo.

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