Prince Rupert Port
Port Commerce

The Prince Rupert Port Authority, a federally-appointed locally-run agency, operates and manages port properties. The Port Authority is responsible for over 965 thousand hectares of land holdings and 14 thousand hectares of owned harbor. Navigable waters encompass more than 350 kilometers of coastline.

Prince Rupert Port boasts state-of-the-art facilities including five world-class terminals and a natural deep-water harbor that can serve the biggest ocean-going vessels. The Prince Rupert Container Terminal covers 24 hectares and has capacity to move 500 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo per year. Its 22-meter wharf with alongside depth of 18.7 meters accommodates ships that carry over 12 thousand TEUs. The container yard, with capacity for 9 thousand TEUs, has outlets for refrigerated containers. Expansions are underway that will raise capacity to two million TEUs.

Ridley Terminals, Inc., in Prince Rupert Port operates a sophisticated 55-hectare coal loading/unloading terminal. Handling primarily thermal and metallurgical coal, wood pellets, and petroleum coke, its automated facility has capacity to handle nine thousand tons per hour and 24 million tons per year. With storage capacity for 1.2 million tons, the facility boasts advanced environmental technology.

Prince Rupert Grain Ltd. is an ultra-modern terminal that cleans grains as they are unloaded. It has the highest volume of output of any of Canada’s grain-cleaning elevators. The terminal can ship over seven million tons per year and can process four thousand tons of barley or wheat per hour. It can store 202 thousand tons of grain. The terminal is linked by 17 kilometers of rail tracks.

The Prince Rupert Port’s Northland Cruise Terminal has a 330-meter berth and a four thousand square foot terminal building that welcomed 60 cruise ships carrying 60 thousand passengers in 2007. Located on beautiful Cow Bay, the near-downtown Cruise Terminal is Prince Rupert Port’s gateway to the pristine Canadian wilderness. The facility contains 8 mooring dolphins and can accommodate cruise vessels up to 300 meters.

The Atlin Cruise Terminal in Prince Rupert Port’s Cow Bay greets yachts and small cruise ships. The Atlin Terminal was created from the old Atlin Fish Plant, transforming the property into a trendy tourist center with a reception area, retail and office space, and customs. The terminal is within walking distance of Prince Rupert Port’s downtown. The Atlin Cruise Terminal is also a popular gathering place for residents of Prince Rupert Port.

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