Port of Sydney
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The Port of Sydney is located at the Cabot Strait on the northeast shore of Cape Breton Island. A 10-mile inlet is open year-round for shipping. The harbor covers 40 square kilometers, but most activity centers on five points: the Sydney Marine Terminal, the Syd-Port Industrial Park, Sydney Steel Corporation Wharves, North Sydney, and the International Coal Wharf.

The Sydney Marine Terminal receives cruise ships and bulk, breakbulk, and project cargo as well as fuel. Located at the east side of Sydney Harbor, its main dock is 275 meters long with alongside depth of 12 meters. A 50-meter pleasure craft dock is available as well. The Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion is located at this terminal.

In addition to being used as a cruise line terminal, the Syd-Port Industrial Park is handles bulk, liquid, and heavy-lift cargoes, petroleum, and containers. The fishing industry also uses the industrial park. Open storage is available here, and the main jetty is 260 meters long with alongside depth of 11.5 meters. Additional berths are available in the inner basin.

The Sydney Steel Corporation Wharves contain two docks with a total length of 431 meters and alongside depth of 12.5 meters. The International Coal Wharf is used for coal imports and export of bulk cargo. Its dock is 180 meters long with alongside draft of 180 meters. It also has storage for 200 thousand metric tons of bulk cargo. The North Sydney terminal operates daily passenger and freight services to Newfoundland. It also contains private wharves handling fish and general cargo.

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