Port of Becancour
Port Commerce

The Port of Becancour Waterfront Industrial Park is one of the largest in Canada, covering seven thousand hectares and offering access to a huge market of more than 100 million consumers within a 1000-kilometer radius. That’s almost a fourth of the people in North America.

The Port of Becancour is a fresh-water port that is open throughout the year. It contains five berths and a roll-on/roll-off ramp. The port’s liquid bulk terminal is linked to the quay by pipelines that transfer liquids from the ships to inland tanks. The facilities include a 61-hectare storage area with 14 hectares of paved surface close to the berths. Railway lines link the facilities to Canada’s rail network.

The Societe du Parc Industrial et Portuaire de Becancour is responsible for managing and maintaining facilities of the port and the industrial park.

The Port of Becancour is Central Quebec’s gateway. Visitors to the area will want to check out the Jardin des Lilas, open from May to July, with over 70 types of lilacs. The Les Jardins Marie-Victorin boasts over 1500 varieties of plants as well as an area where you can pick your own blueberries or picnic with a great view of the river. The Vignoble Clos des Vieux Chenes is a vineyard where you can take guided tours, taste wine, and pick up a delicious picnic basket. The Port of Becancour’s Marche Godefroy is a great public market open on weekends from May to October where you can find the best of the region’s produce.

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