Hamilton Port
Port Commerce

In 2001, the Hamilton Port Authority officially came into being to replace the Hamilton Harbour Commissioners that had governed the port since 1912. The Port Hamilton Port Authority operates and maintains the port and facilitates the development of modern, secure, and environmentally responsible services and facilities.

Handling more cargo and traffic than any other Canadian Great Lakes port, Port Hamilton is one of the top ten Canadian ports. Each year, 700 vessels call at its 11 thousand meters of dock carrying over 12 million tons of cargo. Cargoes include raw materials like iron ore and coal, sand, salt, soybeans, grains, jet fuel, and liquid fertilizers.

In 2007, Port Hamilton handled over 11.7 million tons of cargo, including 10.9 million tons of Canadian and U.S. cargoes on 700 vessels and almost 925 million tons of international cargo on 112 vessels.

Part of the Port Hamilton Port Authority’s mission is to enhance and improve public access to the waterfront and enhance support the development of commercial enterprises like restaurants and shops there. To this end, the port is working on Fishermans Pier, which has long been a gathering place for the community, to include recreational facilities to serve residents and visitors. The marina in Port Hamilton can dock about 250 vessels and can store more than 400 vessels in the winter.

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