Suape Marine Terminal
Port Commerce

The Suape Marine Terminal and Industrial Complex is a shipping hub for northeastern Brazil. Today, it contains sufficient infrastructure to support a wide variety of businesses and the largest cargo vessels (up to 170 thousand DWT). Suape Marine Terminal is accessed by a canal five thousand meters long with 16.5 meters depth.

Enticed by financial bonuses, more than 70 companies have or are locating facilities at the Suape Marine Terminal. The deep water port is equipped with electricity, water, natural gas, and telecommunications networks throughout and access to multi-modal transportation networks of roads and railways.

Open 365 days a year and free from the effects of tides, the Suape Marine Terminal handles more than five million tons of cargo every year. More than 80% of that cargo includes liquid bulk (petroleum by-products, chemical products, vegetable oils, and alcohols).

The Outer Port is protected by an almost 3-thousand-meter seawall. It contains three docking installations with six berths. The first Liquid Granary Pier is 250 meters long with 14 meters alongside depth with two berths that can accommodate ships up to 45 thousand DWT. The Multiple-Use Wharf has two berths for methane transport vessels of up to 135 thousand cubic meters capacity. It is 343 meters long with alongside depth of 15.5 meters on the east and 10 meters on the west. The second liquid granary pier, 386 meters long with alongside depth of 14.5 meters, offers two docking berths that can accommodate ships up to 90 thousand DWT. A floating liquefied petroleum gas tanker has capacity for 75 thousand cubic meters and serves ships of the same size.

The Inner Port has a canal of 1500 meters at a depth of 15.5 meters. It contains 935 meters of docks and two berths that serve the private Container Terminal that was opened in 2001. The container terminal covers 290 thousand square meters and can handle 400 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo annually. Additional berths support a public dock for multiple uses. The area contains a vehicle yard of 56.7 thousand square meters that can store 4825 vehicles.

In 2006, 611 vessels passed through the Suape Marine Terminal carrying 1.5 million tons of containerized cargo in 139 thousand TEUs.

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