Port of Recife
Port Commerce

Today, the Ministry of Transports manages the port through the Companhia Docas do Rio Grande do Norte (CODERN) (Portuguese). The modern port contains 16 berths with almost three thousand meters of quay at depths varying from 8 to 12 meters of depth. Three berths have terminals for sugar and grains. Two berths are dedicated to containerized cargo, and eight berths handle general cargoes. Two berths handle dry bulk, and two berths are dedicated to reefer cargo.

With alongside depth of 10 meters, Berth 00 handles sugar and has two horizontal silos with capacity to store 200 thousand tons of sugar. With alongside depth of 10 meters, Berths 1 and 9/10 handle grains and have capacity to move 100 tons per hour. Berth 2 is dedicated to containers and has alongside draft of 12 meters. Berths 3 and 4, with 12 meters alongside depth, handle dry bulk cargoes and include four vertical silos that can store 10 thousand tons of grains. Berths 5-8, 11, and 15 handle general cargoes. Berths 12-14 handle bagged sugar.

The Port of Recife has 16 warehouses for general cargoes covering a total of almost 53 million square meters. It also has uncovered cobblestone yards of almost five thousand square meters for general cargo. An area of 75.5 thousand square meters is reserved for heavy and containerized cargoes, and the Port of Recife offers backland area of 180 thousand square meters for storage and handling of additional cargoes.

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