Port of Mina Salman
Port Commerce

In 1975, cargo traffic through the Port of Mina Sulman surpassed the port’s cargo-handling capacity, with 1.5 million tons of cargo. The government of Bahrain began to modernize and improve the port, increasing the number of jetties and berths for deep-water vessels. In 1979, the Port of Mina Sulman Container Terminal opened. Today, 80% of the cargo handled in the Port of Mina Sulman is containerized. Since the turn of the century, the port has undergoing renewed modernization efforts.

Three new berths and a finger pier were added, and new storage facilities were built. This included an open storage area of 176 thousand square meters, a covered storage area of 120 thousand square meters, and an open container area of 242 thousand square meters.

The Port of Mina Sulman Container Terminal can handle vessels of up to 65 thousand tons DWT. Its two berths are a combined 600 meters long, and storage area of 423 thousand square meters can accommodate up to almost 10 thousand TEUs. Reefer plugs are available.

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