Port of Varna
Port Commerce
The Port of Varna constructed a modern harbor in 1906. Today, the Port of Varna can accommodate vessels of 20 thousand tons. Major exports include livestock, processed foodstuffs, and grain. Since the late 1950s, the Port of Varna is a favorite tourist destination, academic center, seaport, and headquarters to Bulgaria’s Navy and merchant Marine.

The state-owned Port Varna EAD manages the port, handling over 8 million tons of cargo each year. The Port of Varna has modern facilities that operate year-round. It offers 3.5 miles of wharf, 32 berths, almost 60 acres of open storage, and 19 miles of warehouse storage. The Port of Varna is Bulgaria’s biggest container gateway. Container traffic in 2007 was just over 99 thousand TEUs.

Varna East is just over a half-mile from the city center. It’s the main gateway for grain exports and a busy container port. Its multi-purpose cargo quays handle sugar, molasses, metals, scrap, and general cargo. Varna West is about 18 miles west of the city center. Near chemical factories, it can handle soda, cement, coal, ores, fertilizers, phosphates, silica, and liquid chemicals. All port berths are directly linked to the national railway.

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