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Port Commerce

Handling over 90% of the country's export trade, the Port of Chittagong is Bangladesh's main seaport and a critical part of the national economy. The Chittagong Port Authority that provides services and facilities to assure customers competitive prices and efficient, effective support.

An active seaport since the 4th Century BC, the Port of Chittagong has operated at its present location since 1887. By 1910 when four jetties were built, the Port of Chittagong handled one half million tons of cargo per year.

The Chittagong Port Authority is governed by a five-member board appointed by the Bangladesh government. There are 15 departments within the port authority which employs almost six thousand people.

In 2011, the Port of Chittagong welcomed 2248 vessels carrying a total of over 43.1 million tons of cargo including 38.2 million tons of imports and 4.9 million tons of exports. The Port of Chittagong handled 1.4 million TEUs of containerized cargo (14.8 million tons).

Imported cargoes in the Port of Chittagong include food grain, sugar, salt, cement clinker, fertilizer, iron materials, chemicals, coal, edible oils, and general cargo. Exports leaving the Port of Chittagong include jute and jute products, clothing, knitwear, hides and skins, frozen foods, tea, molasses, and naphtha.

The Port of Chittagong contains 20 berths serving ocean-going vessels, including 12 for general cargo and eight for containers. Seven specialized berths are dedicated specific bulk cargoes that include petroleum and petroleum products, grain, cement clinker, and ammonia.

The Port of Chittagong also contains ten single-point river mooring berths and two dry dock jetties for vessel repairs. There are also berths for inland coasters and domestic vessels that handle petroleum products, grain, and cement, among other cargoes.

  • Container terminals

The Port of Chittagong Container Terminal (CCT) has holding capacity for 6408 TEUs of containerized cargo. The CCT quay is 450 meters (1476 feet) long. The Container Freight Station at the Port of Chittagong's CCT covers 1.3 hectares, and the container storage yard covers 15 hectares. The CCT is served by rail siding of 550 meters (1804 feet).

The New Mooring Container Terminal in the Port of Chittagong is located adjacent to the CCT. The terminal was developed by the Chittagong Port Authority to meet increased volume of containerized cargoes.

Since 1987, the Inland Container Depot at Dhaka has supported the Port of Chittagong, handling about 80 thousand TEUs per year.

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