Port of Linz
Port Commerce

The Port of Linz is the largest on the upper Danube, with about 5.5 million tons of cargo moving through its facilities each year. It boasts a state-of-the-art logistics service center. Located on 150 hectares (45 hectares are water), it has modern facilities for cargo-handling and storage.

The Port of Linz's Combination Traffic Centre covers about 90 thousand square meters and contains a container depot and container repair workshops. The Centre is equipped with the latest technical equipment to facilitate efficient loading and unloading of cargo and efficient handling of combined traffic.

The Port of Linz offers about 110 thousand square meters of covered warehouse space, including special warehouses for frozen, refrigerated, heated, and hazardous goods. Located where water, rail, and roads meet, it is positioned for rapid, efficient movement of cargo.

The Linz Tanker Port is designed for the transport and storage of mineral oil products. With capacity for 300 thousand cubic meters, it is equipped with a tank ship to supply fuel to tankers.

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