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South Australia announced its intention to privatize its Ports Corporation in 2000. The business was acquired by Flinders Ports Pty Ltds in 2001. They acquired port infrastructure and a 99-year lease on the land and port operations for the Port of Adelaide and six other regional ports.

The Port of Adelaide is located 14 kilometers northwest of the city of Adelaide. It was one of the province’s earliest settlements and is the first State Heritage Area. The Port of Adelaide is the main shipping service point in South Australia, and it’s a gateway to the world in a time of increasing exports of grains, motor vehicles, automotive components, ores, concentrates, and wine. The Port of Adelaide covers an Inner and Outer Harbor and contains more than 20 wharves.

During the 2006-2007 year, over 10 million tons of cargo passed through the Port of Adelaide, including 5.6 million tons of overseas imports and exports. Petroleum imports increased to 2.2 million tons in the same period. The Port of Adelaide’s primary export destinations are the Middle East and Asia, while its primary import partners are the United States and North and Southeast Asia.

The principal commodities handled in the Port of Adelaide include grains and seeds, limestone, petroleum and petroleum products, motor vehicles, containers, metals, cement, fertilizers, logs, iron and steel, breakbulk and general cargoes, mineral sands and concentrates, livestock, and agricultural commodities.

The Port of Adelaide’s Inner Harbor handles roll-on/roll-off and bulk cargoes that include meat, grains, fruit, wool, malt, soda ash, cement clinker, iron and steel scrap, non-ferrous metals, tallow, and a wide range of manufactured goods. The Inner Harbor has modern facilities for the import of timber, refined petroleum, sulphur, fertilizer, paper products, iron and steel, and motor vehicles.

The Outer Harbor contains six berths equipped to handle specialized cargoes including motor vehicles, roll-on/roll-off and general cargo, and livestock. The Adelaide Container Terminal in the Outer Harbor is an efficient state-of-the-art facility for container cargo. The Outer Harbor contains intermodal facilities to integrate the container terminal with the country’s rail and road networks.

The Port of Adelaide Container Terminal, located at Berths 6 and 7, has capacity to handle 250 thousand lifts per year at a quay of 510 meters. The terminal covers 23 hectares and has warehouse space of 3000 square meters on dock. It has 11 forklifts and reefer plugs as well as a roll-on/roll-off quarter ramp. The terminal is served by two dual-gauge rail tracks linked directly with the national rail network.

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