Puerto Quequen
Port Commerce

The Port of Quequen (Spanish) is located at the mouth of the river Quequen, with Quequen city on the right bank and Necochea on the left. Over 250 vessels called at port in 2001. Almost five million tons of grain and agricultural by-products were exported from the Port of Quequen in 2001, including about three million tons of wheat and almost 700 thousand tons of maize. The Port of Quequen imported 211 thousand tons of bulk fertilizers in 2001.

The Port of Quequen has two breakwaters that protect the harbor. The entrance between them is about 220 meters wide and 12.2 meters deep. Plans are underway to extend the breakwaters to provide additional protection from the frequent southern swell. On the left bank, the Port of Quequen contains six berths.

Berth 1 is an open quay with 250 meters of frontage. It contains three mooring jetties with 11.6 meters draft. Pipelines connect the jetties with vegetable oil storage tanks, although the berth is also used for wood chips and agricultural by-products.

Berth 2 is an open quay with 90 meters of frontage and some apron space. It is fitted with pipelines to vegetable oil storage tanks with capacity for 53.7 cubic meters. This berth has not been used for a while, as improvement plans have not yet been realized.

Berth 3 was opened in 1986. The grain elevator berth contains three dolphins and berthing front of 140 meters and a depth of 11.9 meters. The elevator can store 155 thousand tons of grains and pipelines connect the dolphins to the storage tanks. New storage has been added with capacity for 120 thousand tons of grain and 45 thousand tons of fertilizers.

Berths 4 and 5 house the Terminales Quequen Grain Elevator berth with a 260-meter frontage and four dolphins with a depth of 11.6 meters. The elevator can store 116 thousand tons of grains. Berth 6 is an elevator berth with 110 meters of frontage and 11 meters draught.

The Necochea (Spanish) side of the Port of Quequen also contains six berths. Berths 7 and 8 are open quays of 240 meters with a depth of 8.5 meters. They are used by fishing vessels.

Berths 9 and 10 are open quays with 210 meters of frontage and depth of 9.7 meters. These berths are used for loading and unloading general cargo and bulk fertilizers. A new storage facility at Berth 11 has capacity to store 50 thousand square meters of bulk fertilizers unloaded at Berth 10. Berth 11 is open quay with two dolphins and 185 meters of frontage with about 7.6 meters depth. This berth has been block by fishing trawlers for some time.

Used by tankers to deliver fuel, Berth 12 has three dolphins of about 180 meters with a depth of almost 8 meters.

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