Port of La Plata
Port Commerce

The Port of La Plata is located between the towns of Ensenada and Berisso. Vessels approach it through a 4-kilometer artificial channel to the coast that cuts through Rio Santiago Island. It contains a turning basin with a diameter of 260 meters. It is connected by rail and highway with all ports and major population centers in Argentina as well as with neighboring countries.

The Port of La Plata’s Grand Dock includes YPF/REPSOL (operated by an oil company) used by CPP tankers for the loading and discharge of chemical products. The Petcoke plant, COPETRO, at berths 7 and 8 exports raw coke and calcinate. Berth 9 is the general cargo pier. Berths 18 and 20 handle general cargo and passenger ferry services. In 1999, the Port of La Plata welcomed over 1200 vessels.

The Port of La Plata’s Rio Santiago facilities include the Astilleros Rio Santiago Shipyard for building and repair of vessels. Shipyard also has a floating dry dock. The Free Zone covers 229 hectares surrounding the shipyard that serves as a CFS for cards and containers unloaded at the ports of Dock Sud and Buenos Aires. The Ing. Rocca Port houses a steel mill plant with a 154-meter pier that can handle Panama-sized vessels.

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