Port Khalid
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The Port of Khalid contains 21 berths that handle general, reefer, and dry, liquid, and bulk cargoes. Facilities include two dock-side colds stores as well as oil and offshore support. Since it was first constructed, the Port of Khalid has continuously modernized its facilities and services.

Department of Seaports and Customs owns and controls the emirate’s three ports (the Port of Hamriyah, Khor Fakkan, and Khalid). The Gulftainer Company Limited was formed in 1976 to operate and manage the Sharjah Container Terminal at the Port of Khalid and the terminal at Port of Khor Fakkan

Berths 1, 2, and 3, each 575 meters long, handle containers and general and bulk cargoes. Berths 4, 5, 6, and 7 (each of them 725 meters long) handle general and roll-on/roll-of cargo. Berth 8 is 220 meters long and handles roll-on/roll-off, project, general, and bulk cargo. Berths 9 through 13 are each 1000 meters long and handle bulk oil and ship repairs. Berths 14 through 16 (375 meters each) handle refer and general cargo and timber. Berths 16 and 17, at 400 meters each, have silos available for grain storage and handle general and bulk cargo. Berth 18 is 166 meters long and houses the oil terminal. Berths 19 through 21, at 585 meters long, handle general cargo and service oil tankers.

The Port of Khalid offers ample storage. Its public-user cold store has capacity for 5,000 tons, and a private dedicated cold store offers capacity for 3500 tons. The Port of Khalid contains six warehouses covering 4600 square meters each and five warehouses covering 7200 square meters each. The warehouse at the North Wharf covers 3600 square meters, and seven sheds cover 3756 squre meters. The Port of Khalid also offers open storage areas with a total of over 220 thousand square meters.

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